Feeding Problems in Children

What is a feeding difficulty?
A feeding difficulty is when a child is experiencing problems with aspects or all areas of eating and drinking.  Feeding difficulties can cause health complications, and place stress and strain on the family.

When should I see someone or get a referral?
Eating requires many important motor skills. 
There are many signs that a child is struggling with feeding, here are a few indicators for referral...If your child shows any of the following:
  • Difficulty with transition onto purees or solids
  • Food refusal
  • Food aversion especially to specific textures or nutritional 
  • Restricted range of foods being eaten
  • Anxiety around food and mealtimes
  • Chocking, coughing or gagging during meals or with a particular type of food/drink
  • Difficulty chewing food subgroup

Who would I see:
You should look for a team of professionals who work together to provide a holistic service for your child.  The team usually consists of Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapist and Psychologists.  Ensuring close liaison with other health professionals and the wider team involved with your child, is essential. 

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